How to reach Ooty from Chennai

Reach Ooty from Chennai

Ooty also known as Udhagamandalam is one of the popular and fascinating hill station situated near Nilgiris districts and its look like a queen of hill station in the Western Ghats. Let’s see how we can reach the interesting and mind-blowing beauty situated nearly 555 km away from Chennai. 

There are many ways to reach Ooty from Chennai

Route By Train:

There is no direct way from Chennai to Ooty. But then there is Nilgiri express which runs daily at night time from 21:05 and drops you by 6:15 in Mettupalayam. The fare is very nominal which is between ₹205 – ₹1700.

From Mettupalayam to Ooty there is Uam Spl train and the fair starts from ₹252 – ₹545 which runs in the morning from 7:10 and drops you in Udhagamandalam station around 11:55 which is around 0.4 km away from Ooty.

Route By Airways : 

It is the best way to reach Ooty from Chennai if you don’t want to waste your time traveling. There is a direct flight from Chennai airport to Coimbatore which takes around one hour and the fair starts from ₹3200.

From Coimbatore, there is a direct bus which goes from Gandhipuram to Ooty and takes around 2hour and the fair goes from ₹160-₹260.

So here is all option to travel from Chennai to Ooty, and the best time to travel is from April to June (monsoon season) and September to November (winter season) summertime consider the worst time to travel.