“A Tranquil Journey: Exploring Kandhalur, Kerala from Ooty with Ooty Cabs”

Embark on an unforgettable journey from the scenic hills of Ooty to the serene landscapes of Kandhalur, Kerala, with the convenience of Cab services in Ooty . This travel guide provides insights into the ideal timing, approximate kilometers, and must-visit sightseeing spots in Kandhalur, ensuring a seamless and delightful trip.


To make the most of your journey, plan to depart from Ooty in the early morning. The crisp mountain air and the picturesque landscapes along the way create a perfect backdrop for your road trip. The approximate driving time from Ooty to Kandhalur is around 7-8 hours, so starting early ensures you reach your destination with ample time to explore the beauty that awaits in Kandhalur.


The road distance from Ooty to Kandhalur is approximately 300 kilometers. Ooty cabs offer a comfortable and reliable mode of transportation, ensuring you enjoy a smooth and relaxing ride through the winding roads and lush greenery that characterize this route.

Sightseeings in Kandhalur, Kerala:

  1. Kandhalur Beach: Begin your exploration with a visit to the pristine Kandhalur Beach. This secluded stretch of golden sand offers a tranquil setting, allowing you to unwind and enjoy the rhythmic sound of the waves.
  2. Kandhalur Backwaters: Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Kandhalur by taking a boat ride through its backwaters. Surrounded by coconut groves and mangrove forests, this experience provides a unique perspective of the region’s rich biodiversity.
  3. Kandhalur Lighthouse: For panoramic views of the coastline, venture to the top of Kandhalur Lighthouse. The climb may be steep, but the breathtaking vistas of the Arabian Sea and the surrounding landscapes make it well worth the effort.
  4. Kandhalur Spice Plantations: Kerala is renowned for its spice plantations, and Kandhalur is no exception. Take a guided tour through the lush plantations to learn about the cultivation of spices like cardamom, pepper, and cinnamon, and savor the aroma of these exotic ingredients.
  5. Kandhalur Temple: Explore the cultural heritage of Kandhalur by visiting its local temples. These sacred sites are not only architecturally fascinating but also provide insight into the religious practices and traditions of the region.

With the convenience of Ooty cabs, your journey from Ooty to Kandhalur becomes an enriching adventure, offering a blend of scenic beauty, cultural exploration, and relaxation. Plan your trip wisely with Ooty cab Services , embrace the beauty of the journey, and create lasting memories as you discover the hidden gems of Kandhalur, Kerala.

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