Lakkam Cascades: A Characteristic Marvel in Munnar You Should Insight

Lakkam Cascades is to be sure a characteristic miracle situated in the pleasant slope station of Munnar in the Indian province of Kerala. Munnar is known for its shocking scenes, rich tea estates, and bountiful regular excellence, and Lakkam Cascades is one of the numerous attractions that make this locale a famous vacationer location.

Here are a few central issues about Lakkam Cascades and why you ought to consider encountering it:

Area: Lakkam Cascades is arranged in the Eravikulam Public Park, around 25 kilometers from Munnar town. The cascade is settled in the midst of the Western Ghats, offering a peaceful and flawless climate.

Picturesque Excellence:

The cascade is encircled by thick timberlands, making it a wonderful spot to visit for nature darlings. The lavish vegetation, extraordinary greenery, and fauna in the space add to the general appeal.


To arrive at the cascade, you can partake in a short journey across the timberland, which is a superb involvement with itself. The journey offers you an opportunity to interface with nature and notice the neighborhood untamed life.


Lakkam Cascades is a heaven for picture takers. The cascade’s flowing waters, the rich environmental elements, and the play of light and shadow make for some enamoring photograph amazing open doors.

Reviving Plunge:

You can take a dunk in the normal pool framed at the foundation of the cascade. The cool, perfectly clear waters are reviving and fortifying, particularly after the trip with ooty cab services .

The region around Lakkam Cascades is important for the Eravikulam Public Park, which is known for its biodiversity. Look out for birds, butterflies, and maybe even some natural life like Nilgiri Tahr, an uncommon mountain goat animal categories.

Best Opportunity to Visit:

The cascade is at its generally lofty during the storm season, which in Kerala ordinarily falls among June and September. Nonetheless, it’s critical to practice alert during this period because of the weighty progression of water.

Passage Expenses:

Guests need to pay an ostensible section charge to get to the cascade, and it’s prudent to check the opening times and expenses ahead of time.

Make sure to regard the indigenous habitat and keep any rules given by the recreation area specialists. Lakkam Cascades is only one of the numerous wonderful attractions in Munnar, so make certain to investigate the whole district to capitalize on your visit.

Whether you’re a nature fan, experience searcher, or just searching for a serene getaway, Lakkam Cascades is a must-visit objective in Munnar that guarantees an essential encounter.

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